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  • Our treats are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds! Below is a list of what you can expect when you walk into our shop. If you can't make it to our shop, we also deliver across North America via major courier companies. Delivery charge varies depending on weight and location of parcel to be delivered.


    A1. Baklawa Assorted

    (If you require more than 3 pistachios baklawa per kilo mixed, the cost would be $32/Kg)

    Baklawa Assorted - $30/Kg
    A2. Wardeh w/Pistachio $33/Kg
    A3. Swar w/Pistachio $33/Kg
    Swar w/Pistachio - $33/Kg
    A4. Assabeh w/Almonds $30/Kg
    Assabeh w/Almonds - $30/Kg
    A5. Kol o Shkor w/Cashews $30/Kg
    Kol o Shkor w/Cashews - $30/Kg
    A6. Baklawa w/Pistachio $33/Kg
    Baklawa w/Pistachio - $33/Kg
    A7. Baklawa w/Walnuts $30/Kg
    Baklawa w/Walnuts - $30/Kg
    A8. Borma w/Pistachio $38/Kg
    Borma w/Pistachio - $38/Kg
    A9. Borma w/Cashews $32/Kg
    Borma w/Cashews - $32/Kg
    A10. Balaurieh w/Pistachio $33/Kg
    Balaurieh w/Pistachio - $33/Kg
    A11. Basma w/Pistachio $33/Kg
    Basma w/Pistachio - $33/Kg
    A12. Bassma w/Cashews $30/Kg
    A13. King Special w/Mixed Nuts $30/Kg
    King Special w/Mixed Nuts - $30/Kg

    Pastries with Fresh Cheese or Cream

    B1. Knefeh w/Cheese $25/Kg
    Knefeh w/cheese - $25/Kg
    B2. Knefeh w/Kashta

    (Week-ends or by order only)

    Knefeh w/Kashta - $25/Kg
    B3. Knefeh in a bun $5 each
    Knefeh in a bun - $5 each
    B4. Knefeh Tray - Kashta or Cheese

    (Week-ends or by order only)

    Knefeh Tray - $86
    B5. Osmalieh w/Kashta

    (Week-ends or by order only. Tray $75)

    Osmalieh w/Kashta - $25/Kg
    B6. Shaibiyat

    (Week-ends or by order only)

    Shaibiyat - $25/Kg
    B7. Cheese Halawa (Regular) $25/Kg
    Cheese Halawa (Regular) - $25/Kg
    B8. Cheese Halawa (Rolls)

    (By order only)

    Cheese Halawa (Rolls) - $29/Kg
    B9. Nabulsieh w/Kashta (Tray $86) $25/Kg
    B10. Mafrouki $25/Kg
    Mafrouki - $25/Kg
    B11. Katayef Assafireh

    (Week-ends or by order only)

    Katayef Assafireh - $29/Kg
    B12. Katayef

    (Week-ends or by order only)

    Katayef - $20/Kg
    with cream - $22/Kg
              with cream $22/Kg
    B13. Znood El Sit

    (Week-ends or by order only)

    Znood El Sit - $25/Kg
    B14. Kashata Cream) $29/Kg


    C1. Mammoul w/Walnut $20/Doz
    Mammoul w/Walnut - $20/Doz
    Mammoul w/Pistachio - $25/Doz
    Mammoul w/Dates - $18/Doz
    C2. Mammoul w/Pistachio $25/Doz
    C3. Mammoul w/Dates $18/Doz
    C4. Mammoul Mad w/Dates $25/Kg
    Mammoul Mad w/Dates - $25/Kg
    C5. Mammoul Mad w/Walnuts $28/Kg
    Mammoul Mad w/Walnuts - $28/Kg
    C6. Small Mammoul (Mix)

    Small Mammoul Pistachio: $33/Kg

    Small Mammoul (Mix) - $30/Kg
    C7. Karabige Madd $33/Kg
    Karabige Madd - $33/Kg

    Miscellaneous Treats

    D1. Coconut Macaron $12/Doz
    Coconut Macaron - $12/Doz
    D2. Namoura $10/box OR $20/Kg
    Namoura - $10/box OR $20/Kg
    D3. Assabeh Zainab $20/Kg
    Assabeh Zainab - $20/Kg
    D4. Lebanese Dough (Awameh) $20
    D5. Petit Fours, Barazek, Kaak $26/Kg
    Petit Fours, Barazek, Kaak - $26/Kg
    D6. Baton Salés $26/Kg
    D7. Loukoum $33/Kg
    Loukoum - $33/Kg
    D8. Nougat $33/Kg
    Nougat - $33/Kg
    D9. Marzipan $38/Kg
    Marzipan - $38/Kg


    E1. Lahm bi Ajin (Beef Pies) $24/Doz


    F1. Espresso coffee $3.10
    F2. Cappucino $4.99
    F3. Tea $2.99

    (for restaurants only)

    G1. Full Tray of Baklawa w/Cashew
    (approx. 2.5 Kg)